We believe that simple activities can create unforgettable experiences. We wanted to make products which you will be able to use every day and appreciate their beautiful form, simple shapes and perfect finish. With attention to every detail, supported by the power of our imagination and skills, we decided to enter the domain of commercial art, which will give you the pleasure of using our handmade products in your home.


In Indonesian, CAHAYA means light. The inspiration for our name was the light flickering through the canopy of the Indonesian jungle. Light, which can change reality - showing places usually hidden in the shade, and which can silently and almost metaphysically transform the area it touches. A phenomenon which turns an ordinary space into a magical and hypnotizing one. A phenomenon which makes you stop, contemplate and admire. Beyond the borders of the world, sunlight can reshape any place, interpreting it in a new way.


We draw inspiration for our name from nature, and we want to manufacture our products in accordance with it. Bearing that in mind, we strive to follow #zerowaste rules by ensuring that almost 100% of raw materials used become the products we make for you. Drawing on our many years of experience with Corian material, which is a combination of minerals and acrylic resin, we created the SEICHE wash basin line.

As a Polish business, we are proud to be engaged in the manufacturing process of each of our products - starting from its design, through its meticulous crafting, all the way until packaging.